Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hess Natur Comes Hard with Eco-Fashion Fabulousness

Chrome-free sustainable Hess Natur Fur Vest

Organic cotton Hess Natur trench waterproofed with Beeswax

What happens when a hot designer creates a celebrated but semi-controversial collection for a traditional fashion audience, becomes disillusioned with the lack of “political or social awareness in connection with attractive apparel”, moves back home to Majorca, runs a bar and hibernates for 3 years, and then meets the CEO of a powerhouse German organic clothing company?

This is precisely how Miguel Adrover, whose designs can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Hess Natur CEO Wolf Luedge met, more than a year ago. Over drinks at Adrover’s Majorcan bar, the two discussed Hess’ 30 year history of eco and ethical style, the company’s work with Founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Prize Winner Dr Muhammed Yunus, and the elegance of organic linen, organic silk, and fair labor standard. Hess Natur is well known throughout Europe for wearable separates for women including sweaters, dresses, and jeans. For men, they have these separates and also quality organic suits.

Flash-forward to the summer of 2008 and Adrover is now the Creative Director for Hess Natur and has designed a capsule collection, became available in the US July 2008. Adrover’s collection, as seen in the two photos, is a bit more edgy and fashion forward. The organic cotton trench (waterproofed with beeswax) is a hard to find fashion staple, in the realm of eco fashion. The sheep skin vest, at first glance, seems to be a non-conventional green fashion find. But it is responsibly sourced from a meat-packing facility in Turkey, is also an non-conventional green fashion find.
GSpotter Margaret and Miguel Adrover

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