Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You Are What You Eat: Eco-cuisine

If our bodies are our temples, then our charge is taking care of the temple. Food is a big part of temple maintenance, but it seems to be increasingly more difficult to find healthy options. G Spotter Margaret just wrote a piece on Huffington Post about the beef recalls at Whole Foods. I mean, if we can't find healthy, safe, local options at Whole Foods, or which we thought was the temple's temple, what are the other options?

Our new favorite sister blog team Eddie, Cupcake, and Pleasant Gehman aka The Haphazard Girls, whoe are thankfully coming through on the clutch with solid alternatives to Whole Foods aka Whole Prices. The Haphazard Girls blog is majorly informative and practical in providing the most up to date info that the FDA doesn't always want us to know... Until Whole Foods re-ups the food standards and company values which they used to rock, we should all be wary; Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma, type sh*t.

For instance, check out the Eat Well Guide to find local, delicious foods using google map technology. Another one we love is Sustainable Table. They are working with schools to create playground gardens and teach and provide students with local organic eating education.

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