Thursday, February 5, 2009

IT'S OFFICIAL: Hello Kitty Is The Best Kitty, Ever

Gratuitous Kitty Pics!

Just in case you weren't as sure as you outta be, Hello Kitty is THAT KITTY. Like, it's official. Don't believe us? Check the NY Times!

If the NY Times style section had an ultimate fighting team, writer Eric Wilson would be the champion. This hard hitting style journalist has criticized green fashion in the past, questioning the idea of consuming to help solve environmental woes. While we disagree and strongly believe that ethical/eco shopping is part of the solution, we respect his tough stance and journalistic integrity.

And now, with this Hello Kitty piece published today in the NY Times, Eric Wilson, you are legit. Hello Kitty is the coolest cat for the coolest gals. Real feels real.

Hello Kitty Myspace Group
Hello Kitty Fan Club
Hello Kitty Sigg Water Bottle (Thanks Kim!)

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