Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Organic Beverage Alert: Honey Drop

"I'd drink this over Vitamin Water," said our friend Nick as we sipped Honey Drop, an organic honey-centric water beverage. "I mean I like a Vitamin Water, but I don't do any action."

Nick's point is well taken; who really needs the electrolytes and high performance ingredients when you are just lounging around the house or reading a book?

Honey Drop is the perfect book reading beverage. It tastes like a yummy spot of tea, but chilled and in a plastic bottle. The company has made a concerted effort to use USDA certified organic honey and keep the calorie count down (80 calories per bottle), so that's pretty neat.

Speaking of neat, we've heard through the rumor mill that Peak Organic Beer is coming out with a sparkling water, Source, also good to enjoy while performing low impact activities. Between Honey Drop and Source, the future of water substitutes is looking pretty good.

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