Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Public Citizen Wants YOU (finger point through screen) To Be Skinny!

Yesterday the NY Federal Appeals Court upheld the recently created public health law requiring all caloric information be listed on every item in every menu in each restaurant in NYC. Since 2007, National Non-Profit Public Interest Organization Public Citizen has been working with former FDA Commissioner David Kessler, the American Medical Association, and Rep Henry Waxman who sponsored the 1990 Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, to ensure that consumers know what they are eating when they order out at NYC restaurants.

Knowledge is power. If knowing that there are 450 calories in a box of small popcorn at the movie theatre keeps someone from eating the whole box; that is power. And that actually happened to us last night at Coraline. Had the cals not been listed, we'd have taken in those 450 calories AFTER we'd just had large dinner at Souen, and then just sat on our arses while the cals turned to fat. Thank you movie menu board with listed calories!

Also, thanks to our GSpotting homeboy Jonas who works for Public Citizen and keeps us in the loop.

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