Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NYC Bioheat Mandate (Coolest bill name EVER)

Biodiesel - yes to the NYC mandate! And sexy bio truck, homey!

Peter F Vallone Jr - My local city council person that I contacted about biodiesel. So can you.

Biodiesel is up for debate in a possible NYC area bioheat mandate to reduce carbon emissions by 3.4 billion pounds/year. That is the equivalent of removing about 280,000 cars from the road. To ensure the mandate passes you can do any of the following:

1) Check out to http://nyc.tristatebiodiesel.com/involved2.htm and send an email to the Mayors office supporting the bill.

2) Send a support letter to your Council Member as well. Sample letters, and Council Member locator at http://nyc.tristatebiodiesel.com/involved2.htm

3) Come to the biodeisel hearing tomorrow, Wednesday, February 25, 10:00 AM at 250 Broadway, 16th Floor hearing room. The Mayor's office will be deciding whether or not to support the bill based partially on information presented at this hearing.

Biodiesel will make our air healthier to breathe and will not make food more expensive. Biodiesel is not corn ethanol. Biodiesel is the only low carbon fuel available for diesel equipment and home heating boilers and this mandate would be a huge step in the fight for better air quality and against global warming!

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